Playing roulette on fair casinos

All licenced online casinos are fair and transparent. If you are planning to play roulette for free or real money, head over only to licenced online casinos like . Please continue reading this guide.

Playing on licenced casinos

Your payments are always safe on approved gambling websites. Besides, all the games of these casinos, including, roulette run in a fair and transparent manner. There is no human interference at all in the running of these games.

If your casino is licenced, it must have the due documents from the gambling regulators.. You can view these documents by scrolling down your casino's home page. Please continue reading this online gambling guide.

More about licenced casinos

This information would contain the following items; 1. Date of issue of the licence 2. Licence number 3. Name of the licencing authority, and 4. Registered address of the casino. Sometimes, this information is unavailable.

If you can't find your casino's licence information, please speak, write or email your customer support executive. You should get your desired information quickly. You should also look for other things while searching for safe online roulette casinos.

What are SSL certificates?

If your casino has an SSL certificate, the former will have HTTPS in the URL structure. Sites having this certificate are safe, and your payment goes only to the intended destination. Avoid sites that don't have this certificate.

  • SSL stands of Secure Socket Layer

All the data on SSL websites travels under a virtual envelope. This means that no unauthorized people can read your credit or debit card numbers, passwords, bank account numbers, etc. SSL sites are completely safe.

Random Number Generators

There is no human interference in RNG-powered online roulette games. What is an RNG? It stands for Random Number Generator, and is a virtual computer. It is this computer that runs your online roulette game.

It is difficult to manage or manipulate the results of a Random Number Generator because it is made up of complex programs. This machine is regularly checked by third party auditors for its fairness and transparency.

Resolving disputes online

Play games only on those online casinos that have third party dispute redressal forums. You can find the address of these forums in the bottom part of your casino homepage. Please carry on reading this article.

Even though your online roulette site is safe, still you must take some precautions. First, never gamble while using public Wi-Fi. Secondly, don't gamble while you are drunk. Lastly. don't spend money beyond your means.